How soon do I need to reply to customer enquires?

Vizzmo request is that all businesses respond to their customer enquires within 24 hrs, if not before.

What video format can I upload?

The preferred video format is MP4.  Videos can be of still images put together or a standard video.

How long will it take for my video to go live?

Your video will go live within 24 hrs.

Is there contract?

There is no contract and you can cancel your membership at any time; however, a 4 week notice is required.

Can I change my package?

A 4 week notice is required to upgrade or downgrade any package.

Can I add or change my video?

A new video can be uploaded at any time to promote new events, products and/or services.

Are my monthly payments secure?

All payments are made safely and secure, Vizzmo aims to give its member peace of mind

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