About Us

  • Vizzmo is an online visual platform.
  • Vizzmo is an online visual platform for businesses based in the UK. Customers can view the businesses` video trails and book or send enquiries for products and services through the platform.
  • Vizzmo helps its customers to view, find local business and send reviews giving the customer the opportunity to inform others of their experience. Also, Vizzmo`s platform allows businesses and customers to create and develop a relationship removing the barrier between the business and the customers.
  • Vizzmo gives its members the benefits of using video advertising, which grabs the customer`s attention and can get the message across within seconds. Video is now known to be more worthy than text, allowing businesses to engage with their customer`s Video advertising can help clarify the brand message and build trust with customers.
  • Vizzmo is an online visual platform, for businesses based in the UK who want to promote their product or service via video. Businesses will need to upload their own videos to promote their product or service under their profile page. All video is checked and signed off before placed on the platform. Customer can search for what business they want, using a postcode search, the platform will then generate the nearest business available to the customer. The customer can then watch the short video clip of the business and send an enquiry thought the platform. The customer can then leave reviews of the businesses once they have used their product or service.
  • Vizzmo aims to remove the barrier between the customer and business, allow the customer to see the business`s product or service before purchasing.


  • Businesses can advertise with Vizzmo`s, packages starting from £21.93
  • Businesses can cancel at any time, by giving 4 weeks notice period. 
  • In addition to the packages, Vizzmo`s also allow other companies to advertise on the platform this create an additional income.
  • Vizzmo carefully selects its reviews to help both customer and business
  • All video that are uploaded to Vizzmo’s platform are checked and signed off before placed on the platform
  • Vizzmo’s aim is to help businesses based in the UK to grow by connecting business visually with local customers, converting your leads into views, giving your customer the benefit of seeing your product and services and contacting your businesses though Vizzmo

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